Meet the artist

Filipa Pimentel graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Ceramics in 2008. During her studies she was primarily interested in throwing and hand building, spending most of her time on developing the form and function of her work. After graduation she was fortunate to start in a full-time position as an artist assistant to a Toronto based ceramic artist. It was during this time that Filipa truly perfected her throwing skills and developed an understanding about the logistics and marketing of a ceramic business. In 2010 she registered her business, Filipa Pimentel Design; and from that point onwards has developed two complete lines of domestic ware. She started working full time in her professional practice in 2012, focusing her energy in retail shows and wholesale.      

The market place is overflowing with mass produced items that lack the life and character of an object made by hand. The determination to inject some life and creativity into homes around the world is what puts Filipa in her studio every day. She strives for perfection in every piece that she makes, but it is the little imperfections and slight differences in shape that make any piece special.